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The schools of Kenjutsu Shinken Shobu Ryu and Aikido are recognized and affiliated to MAA Martial Arts Alliance, an International Federation which gathers many different styles of martial arts with the intent to disseminate and share the Budo in all its aspects. By the MAA, our dojo is recognized by ASI Associazioni sportive e sociali italiane, an italian sport promoting agency recognized by CONI.


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Dojo's activities include courses in traditional disciplines like Kenjutsu, Aikido and numerous local, national and international special training about thematic or interdisciplinary character. They are also scheduled specific self defense courses open to everyone (men and women) and cross-training instead linked to IPTS International Police Training System, reserved to the police and law enforcement.

In the same building that houses our dojo are also held courses of Judo, Karate and Krav Maga.

All instructors are recognized and certified by own Federation and local school and offer a proven professionality, competence and high availability to help any learner. In addition, many instructors and black belts are recorded in the Black Belts Alliance International, an association that lists the leading exponents worldwide in the field of martial arts.




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Limited and special activities

  1. 2013 - National trainers course of Kenjutsu in Campania